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uPTC2000 Compatible Time Cards for uPunch HN2000 and HN4000

HNTC2 for uPunch HN2000 and HN4000

Time card form number HNTC2 (HNTC2-50)
Compatible with uPunch HN2000 and uPunch HN4000 time clocks (HN2500, HN4500, HN4540, and UB2000 bundles)
Also compatible with new "Gray" series calculating time recorders
Replaces uPunch time cards form number uPTC2000-1, HNTC2050, HNTC2100, HNTCL2300
Full month printed on time card, days 1-15 on front, 16-31 on back
Cards numbered 1-50 with pre-punched holes
Card dimensions 3.375 inches wide, 7.375 inches long
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50 Time Cards
100 Time Cards
300 Time Cards

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